Testimonial Tuesday – Sue Geist

Sue GeistMy husband and I have always wanted to live on Hilton Head Island and in 2013 we picked up our 2 boys and moved to Wexford plantation.  We chose Wexford for many reasons.  Our main focus when looking for a plantation was a feeling of community.  We wanted to have an opportunity to get to know our neighbors and enjoy all the outside activities with new friends.

As a family we have become involved with the tennis center.  We are able to hit the ball around as a family and on USTA league teams.  My youngest son has now decided that tennis is going to be his sport of choice!  The staff at the tennis center is professional and friendly.

The Wexford clubhouse is an outstanding place to dine and meet friends.  The food is delicious and we enjoy the special dining events orchestrated by the wonderful staff.  The poolside events are very family friendly and we all enjoy eating great food, listening to music and looking out over the harbor.

We are enjoying all the aspects of Wexford and Hilton Head Island!

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