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IP Readers' logo 2012 big (2)We are proud to announce that Wexford was recognized as “Best Golf Course/Club” in the 2015 Island Packet Readers’ Choice Awards.


Once a year, the Hilton Head/Bluffton area newspaper hosts an online Readers’ Choice Awards contest. This year, the nomination period was May 4-11 and voting period was May 13-22. The winners were announced in The Island Packet’s Readers’ Choice Awards Special Section on Friday, June 26th.

Wexford’s Arnold Palmer Signature Course was also honored “Best Golf Course/Club” in The Island Packet Readers’ Choice Awards in 2013.

Thank you for your continued support!

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Summertime Fun

Summer is in FULL swing here at Wexford & the Club is bustling with activity!

It’s been a busy month here at Wexford, in all areas of the club – from our Yacht Club to Tennis to Golf to Croquet to Wexford Wellness to Summer Camps to the Clubhouse!
See for yourself – check out our June Club Times and read recap below. 😉

Harbour/Yacht ClubCircumnavigation2In addition to our weekly Coffee Talk Tuesdays (now referred to as Morning Mariner) and monthly Commodore Dock Party, the Yacht Club hosted two special events this month. The first was Circumnavigation, in which over sixty members circled Hilton Head Island by boat.  During their “voyage,” the crews stopped and rafted up at Dolphin Head for some lunchtime fun in the sun.
The second trip is actually going on NOW – about 20 members took five boats and traveled up to Beaufort for the day to enjoy lunch at Q’ on the Bay.

TenniswimbBesides our regularly offered daily clinics ranging from Ladies Doubles to Cardio Tennis to Power Hour (and more!) and our complimentary monthly clinic (this month was Mixed Doubles Strategy), Wexford hosted the 5th Annual Wexford/Long Cove Open.  The three-day USTA sanctioned junior tennis tournament had over 90 competitors.  – It was a great showing of junior tennis!!
And wait, there’s more!  We hosted our annual Wimbledon at Wexford Round Robin just this week. Despite the heat, we had a great turnout – not to mention showdown! And what’s better than starting your morning with a breakfast for champions – strawberries & cream and scones!

Golf – Despite the two week golf course aerification, the Golf staff managed to host two rules clinics and the ever-popular Nine & Dine. Plus, our weekly Men’s Day (Tuesdays and Saturdays), Ladies Day (Thursdays) and Ladies Fore & Pour (Tuesdays) picked back up the second half of the month.

CroquetcroqOur monthly golf croquet social, Wine & Wickets, continues to grow! This month, we also hosted the Coastal Croquet Clubs annual “Croquet the Wexford Way.”  This event had 30 participants, with players coming in from Palmetto Bluff, Sun City and Dataw Island.

Wexford Wellness – Wexford Wellness is really kicking into high gear! In addition to our daily walking group (Monday through Friday mornings), weekly Yoga (Tuesdays) and Water Aerobics (Tuesdays and Thursdays), we hosted two special events this month. The first event was Zumba – who doesn’t like to dance?!  Our members loved it so much, we’ve decided to make it a weekly offering in the fall (when it cools down outside).  The second event was our Guest Speaker Luncheon. Not only did Chef Frank prepare an amazingly delicious (AND healthy!) meal, but the presentation by Lindsay Martin, RD was great!

Summer Camps – So far, we’ve hosted three summer camps – Camp Ace (Tennis), Camp Arnie (Golf) and Camp Recreation (All Sports). All the feedback has been great!!
We’ve got six more camps left this summer – it’s not too late to sign up!!
camp 1 camp 2

Clubhouse – And then there’s the Clubhouse – the hub of most social activity around Wexford!  Besides our regular W Grill menu, we introduced a Pool Lunch Menu.  Our Wednesday OneEleven continues to be a favorite for our families. Our Traditional Happy Hour (every Thursday) is a night not to miss, as it’s a great way to meet new neighbors and friends.  Special events this month included our Father’s Day Brunch, Pub Night with Pop and Spaghetti & Meatballs!

And now we’re off to prepare for our historically BIGGEST event of the year –
our 4th of July celebrations!

Love of Tennis

Tennis aerialWhile most know Wexford for our inland harbour and Arnold Palmer Signature Course, many do not realize what an active Tennis Community we have!…Did you know that last year Wexford received one of only twelve USTA Outstanding Tennis Facility Awards?!

We are extremely active in all USTA events – Combo Mixed Doubles, Combo Men’s and Ladies’ Doubles, Junior Team Tennis, Flex Leagues and USTA sanctioned tournaments.  This weekend (June 12th-14th), we will host the 5th annual Wexford/Long Cove Open, which is a USTA sanctioned South Carolina Level 3 Junior Tournament.  Later this year (in September), we will host the Wexford/Sea Pines Country Club Doubles Championship.

In addition to our USTA activity, we also have a full club calendar of events.  Our weekly schedule includes 2.5 Ladies’ Doubles Clinic, 3.0 Ladies’ Doubles Clinic, 3.5 Ladies’ Doubles Clinic, Cardio Tennis, Power Hour and monthly clinics.  Each month we also host one to two member events; some examples of those events include the Annual Pro Am, Wimbledon at Wexford, Ladies Member Guest, themed round robins and tennis socials with other clubs.

Aside from all the events Wexford Tennis has to offer, its grown to be a favorite pastime activity for many families. One Wexford member states, As a family, we have become involved with the Tennis Center. We are able to hit the ball around as a family and on USTA league teams. My youngest son has now decided that tennis is going to be his sport of choice!”

If you’re interested in getting out on the courts, contact Patrick Mason, Director of Tennis, or Mike Pollard, Head Tennis Professional, at (843) 686-8816!


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Harbourmaster Help – How Do I Buy a Boat?

mark dryden

Mark Dryden, Harbourmaster

There’s recently been an increased interest in boating.
A few people who have never owned a boat are contemplating it, and some are thinking it may be time to get one again. (i.e. it’s been long enough that they only remember the good times.)

The very first thing to do is visit other people with boats; the one thing you can almost always count on is, that if you ask a question about someone’s boat, they will answer you in great detail. If you ask to go out on the boat, you will almost always be invited.  Particularly if you say you are thinking of buying something similar. (Everyone thinks they have the perfect boat!) Okay- you are now on the boat, what are you looking at? Look at the equipment, electronics, entertainment, lines, life jackets, fire extinguishers, etc. All this stuff can be aboard your new boat and it all costs extra, so decide what you need, what you would like and what you dream about.  Also, look at the equipment the owner of the boat actually uses.

Hold on, I’m getting ahead of myself, first question, what do you want to use the boat for?

Fishing, water sports, slowly drifting along while admiring the sunset/rise, do you want get to places or are you more interested in the journey? Do you like loud music, lots of technology or are you more of a Luddite? Do you want lots of company or none? The choices are endless. Think carefully here as this is a very important part of the buying decision and will dictate, size, cruising range, level of sophistication, deck layout, cabin layout, size of engines, level of amenities, “what – you can’t live without an icemaker!”  There are a lot of these types of questions; however once you have answered them, the buying process is a lot less confusing.

So you have the above under control, what’s next? Start looking at boats for sale online, or get a recommendation for a broker or a dealer. (These two areas will give you an idea of the price point for your boat.) If you are buying a previously loved boat, never look online by manufacturer, always look at price point and then at the equipment you want on board. Limit the search as you settle on the types of boats you think will suit your purposes. Then look at the owner forums for your boat. These will give you an idea of what trouble spots to look for when you get aboard, and in the case of a new vessel- what to expect as the boat ages. If possible, try to look at one vessel that is at the top of your price point. This gives you something to compare when searching for your boat.

Next, let’s talk about first impressions. Take note of the boat exterior. If searching online, examine the photos, if the exterior/interior is shabby or untidy in pictures, the rest of the boat will match. (Poor maintenance means more cost to you when you have to put things right.) The rest of this is just like buying a car – except for one thing if buying used; always have a marine surveyor look at the boat you settle on. Why? Because he will see things you will not, I know because it happened to me. The $600-800 expense is well worth it. Next very important rule – if you are buying an older boat, always have it hauled to inspect the hull and underwater gear. It may be pretty on top but he could have hit a rock or some other, below the water line obstacle. This will eliminate surprises; no one likes surprises when it comes to second hand boats.

So now you have the basics of how to buy a boat. If buying a previously loved boat, it also helps to have a good broker working with you. They take care of the paperwork side of things so nothing gets missed. (It is embarrassing when an officer of the bank turns up to seize the boat because it hasn’t been paid off.) They also help to pave the way with the previous owner and act as a buffer during the delicate dance of bargaining the final price.

The above points are really very basic. If you want more information, there are many detailed procedures online that you can make use of. My best advice though is look at the owner forums of boats you may be interested in. They have an abundance of expensive experience you can use free of charge. Finally you can use me as a resource; I can be a good listener.

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