And that’s a wrap, Summer Camp


What better way to end camp than to “pie” your camp counselor?!

Last week marked the FINAL week of Summer Camp.

If you weren’t aware, Wexford offered NINE (9) camp sessions this year!  That’s 7 more camps than we offered in 1995, which is when we first started offering Summer (Tennis) Camp and 2 more camps than we offered last year.

Summer Camps now included Camp Ace (Tennis), Camp Arnie (Golf), Camp Aqua (Water Sports) and Camp Recreation (All Sports).  This year, camps began the week of June 8th – with each camp averaging 15-25 campers.  Campers are between the ages of 5-14.

Depending on the camp type, the activities varied (tennis drills, golf drills, pool games and more!), but they all ended the same – with an outing to Station 300 (the coolest bowling alley around) OR the movie theater.

Regardless of the activity, all the children seemed to enjoy themselves and pick-up a skill and/or develop an interest in a sport.  With the growing number of full-time children ( now approximately ~ 130) in the community, it’s important that we continue to expand our children and family activities.

Interested in learning more about our Summer Camps and other family activities, contact Sarah Smith, Director of Member Services, at

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