Wexford Tennis Accolade Announcement

blog5Congratulations to Wexford Tennis for winning the 2016 USTA South Carolina Facility of the Year!

Wexford Tennis has been active in USTA play for the past 22+ years.

Approximately 25 USTA Teams play out of Wexford, including additional Junior Team Tennis.

Wexford also hosts two annual USTA events – Wexford/Long Cove Junior Open (typically held in June) and Wexford/Sea Pines Country Club Doubles Championship (typically held in September)

This is not the first recognition by USTA, in 2014 Wexford Tennis was awarded USTA Outstanding Tennis Facility.  We are grateful for our dedicated for tennis players and staff, as these accolades would not be possible without them.

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Hilton Head Named Top 10 U.S. Island

conde_nast_traveler_logoCondé Nast Traveler named Hilton Head Island the No. 3 Island in the U.S. in the magazine’s annual Readers’ Choice Awards (falling behind two Hawaiian islands). According to the online listing, our beaches, shopping and restaurants “could compete with major cities.”

travelleisure-logoEarlier this year Travel + Leisure magazine readers voted Hilton Head Island the best island in the continental United States, noting our “pristine courses and local wildlife.”

We are truly lucky to call this place home.


Weathering the Storm

Last week (October 8, 2016), our Island forever changed with the devastation left by Hurricane Matthew. Despite the downed trees, debris and power/water outages, our community has come together with an outpour of love, compassion and strengthened sense of community.

Neighbors are meeting for the first time, assisting with cleanup efforts and helping those who are unable. We thank all our members, neighbors and friends for their support as we continue our cleanup efforts.

“Hard times don’t create heroes. It is during the hard times that the ‘hero’ within us is revealed.” – Bob Riley 

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