Happy #NationalYogaMonth

There are so many health benefits associated with practicing yoga – it increases your blood flow, improves your posture, builds muscle strength and so much more! So today, in honor of National Yoga Month, we’re bringing you a yoga pose from our resident yogi, Wendy Methvin. *Wendy offers yoga instruction every Wednesday morning at the Wexford Clubhouse from 8:45-9:45 pm.This is Side Plank I (Vasisthasana). It’s considered an arm balance pose. Arm balances shape and tone our shoulders and core. You don’t need to be a gymnast or have superhero strength to do arm balances, you just need patience. They teach us to cultivate focus and trust. They’re the perfect blend of strength and alignment.
Alice: “This is impossible.”
The Mad Hatter: “Only if you believe it is.”
-Alice in Wonderland

Weathering Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma impacted our area on Monday, September 11.  Unlike with rain and wind storm that we experienced during Hurricane Matthew (which impacted our area in October 2016); Hurricane Irma was a storm surge event. 

Despite the surge at high tide, Wexford saw no major damage to the Plantation’s infrastructure, waterfront homes or boats within the harbour.  In fact, a locked harbour is one of the safest places you can have your boat during a storm event.  We even welcomed our neighbor, the Mystique from Harbour Town Yacht Club.   

We would like to recognize and thank our local emergency management officials for keeping us all informed and safe during the event, and a special shout out to the Town of Hilton Head Engineers who were onsite during the storm event working our pump station.


Hilton Head Monthly City Guide: Lowcountry Living

Have you seen this month’s Hilton Head Monthly? It’s their annual City Guide issue, featuring all things Lowcountry- from the hot spots and landmarks to communities! The reasons why locals call Hilton Head and Bluffton HOME.

This month’s issue includes a Lowcountry Living section, highlighting a number of planned communities throughout the area. There you’ll find Wexford Plantation!