Wexford Blog Returns… with a SPLASH!

There are so many wonderful things happening at Wexford, we’ve decided to bring back the blog to share it all! Check back for weekly updates and articles about all things Wexford.

Up first, the new SPLASH POOL that opened this summer for members and the guests. It sure has been…. yep, you guessed it… a big SPLASH! It is located on the lower deck of the Clubhouse property and incorporates several water features, including beach-style entry and a twelve foot palm tree with coconuts dropping water.

New- Summer 2020 – Wexford Splash Pool

The Oasis Pool was renovated with travertine decks and brand new furniture. It’s a great spot for exercising and swimming too. Both pools are served by the renovated Pool Bar and staff. 

Water Aerobics at Oasis Pool

New l=Lounge Seating on the new travertine deck between the Pools and the Harbor


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