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Wine Wednesday: How to Read Wine Labels

Have you ever walked in to the grocery or liquor store and felt completely overwhelmed with all the wines there are to choose from?  If so, check out Jennifer Arnold’s suggestions to get the best wines for the right price.

Determine where the wine is from // A wine’s flavor is influenced by where the grapes are grown. New World wines are wines from America, Argentina, Chile, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. These wines will generally give you most of the information you need right on the front of the label. Old World wines are from France, Austria, Italy and Spain.  These wines are a little trickier and you may need to look at the back of the label for more information or even consult Google.

Determine the producer or shipper of the wine // This is the most important piece of information on the label, because the quality of the wine depends to a great extent on the reputation of the winery.  The highest designation would be “grown, produced and bottled by.”

Determine the varietal // The type of grape used in making the wine will be clearly listed on New World wines as long as the wine contains 75% of the varietal listed.  If there is no varietal listed, then the wine is a blend of at least two different varietals.  For Old World wines, you may need to consult Google as the region is really what indicates the varietal.  Below is a small chart to help you identify which grapes are grown in the different Old World regions.

Chablis 100% Chardonnay Grapes
Bordeaux White wines are generally a blend of Sauvignon Blanc & Semillon

Red Wines are a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petite Verdot & Malbec

Loire Valley-

Pouilly-Fume or Sancerre

100% Sauvignon Blanc
Muscadet Melon de Bourgogne
Vouvray Chenin Blanc
Burgundy Chardonnay for whites/ Pinot Noir or Gamay for reds
Rhone Valley Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre for reds Viognier for whites

Determine the quality level // For French wines, look for the shipper, the appellation, the vintage and the name of the Village or Chateau.  Also look for quality designations such as Premier Cru or Grand Cru.  For Spanish wines look for Riserva or Gran Riserva.  For American wines look for the AVA as well as single vineyard or estate bottled.  On American wine labels there are no legal requirements to call the wine “Reserve” so don’t be fooled into thinking the wine is better because it says Reserve on the label.   

August/September Club Times

The August/September Club Times is now available online. This is our Around the World/Travel edition- click here to view. This issue features:

  • Favorite/recent trips from your neighbors & friends
  • Chef’s Culinary Adventure
  • Golf’s Trip to Ireland Recap
  • Message from ETC
  • Security Policy Updates
  • Message from the Wexford Foundation

And more!

Wexford Tennis Accolades

Congratulations are in order for our Wexford Tennis Professionals!

We are proud to announce that Mike Pollard, Wexford’s Head Tennis Professional, was awarded the US Professional Tennis Association SC Tennis Pro of the Year! 

In addition, Patrick Mason, Wexford’s Director of Tennis, was named Best Tennis Pro/Club in the 2018 Island Packet Readers’ Choice Awards!

Mike Pollard

Patrick Mason

“Just Peachy”

This month’s issue of Local Life features our very own Chef Frank Copeland III, and his favorite fruit – peaches! He serves up tips and tricks on how to pick, peel, slice and cook them. Plus he offers up two of his favorite peach recipes (which you can find on the Clubhouse menu!)- Peach Chutney & Peach Vinaigrette.

Just Peachy – pages 86-89








Wexford’s First-Ever Run for the Bulls

On Saturday, June 9, we hosted our first-ever Run for the Bulls Pro Am Fishing Tournament. The event was fully subscribed with 30 participating boats. The grand prize of $20,000 was awarded to Team Manatee Mac for the biggest dolphin fish, weighing-in at 48 pounds. In addition, $3,000 was donated to Waddell Mariculture Center for their breeding tank purchase. A great time was had by all! The event was sponsored by Wexford Plantation, Bass Pro Shops and Hilton Head Boathouse. 

Celebrating 35 Years

During the month of May, Wexford celebrated our 35th Coral Anniversary. The month featured new events, including XGlosive Tennis, Dinner Through the Decades, and of course, a Coral Anniversary Celebration unlike any other! Check out the video below from our Coral Celebration. Special THANK YOU to all who celebrated with us!


May Club Times

This month we are celebrating Wexford’s 35th Coral Anniversary! Articles include details on our Coral Anniversary Party, how the golf industry has changed from the 1980’s to today, how tennis rackets have evolved, how our website has evolved and even photos of our Club Times contributors from the 80’s. Happy Anniversary! Click here to read our May newsletter.

If you’d like to learn more about Wexford’s history, check out our October 2017 Club Times.

Wexford Foundation Supports VIM Campaign Against Breast Cancer

The Wexford Foundation has partnered with Volunteers in Medicine (VIM) in its ongoing campaign against breast cancer! VIM provides close to 800 potentially life-saving screening and diagnostic mammograms annually to our neighbors in need. The Wexford Foundation’s gift ensures that the Mammography Program continues to thrive and that all patients for whom a screening is recommended have access to such.

Pictured below from left to right: Sue MacCormack (Foundation Chair), Ginger Allen (VIM Director of Development), Terry Baehr (Foundation Trustee), Jim Collett (VIM Board Chair) and Dr. Raymond Cox (VIM Executive Director).