Celebrating 10+ Years of Service

Staff Highlights

“I’ve made so many great memories here, from meeting Michael Jordan to seeing the Clubhouse renovation.  I truly feel blessed for my employment here at Wexford, making all these great memories and working with such an amazing team; a team that I consider my family.” – Stevie Moultrie, Housekeeping (29 years of service)

“I’m one of the original players; I started back when Wexford was owned by the developers.  Over the past 30+ years, I’ve seen Wexford transform into the place it is today.  I fell in love with this place from Day 1.” – Michael Dupont, Common Area Staff (33 years of service)

“I love watching the Wexford children grow up.  It’s great to see the children who once came into the Harbour Center, fishing and playing around, all grown up with families of their own.” – Wanda Marshall, Harbour Center (17 years of service)

“I work here because of the homeowners.  They inspire me to do the best I can.” – James Burns, Common Area Staff (30 years of service)

“Not only is this a friendly community, but a friendly staff environment.  Wexford is my home away from home.” – Herb Simmons, Common Area Irrigation Tech (21 years of service)

“Over the past 30 years, I’ve built a trust with my supervisors and team.  It’s a great work environment.” – Harry Fripp Jr, Common Area Staff (31 years of service)

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“The membership has grown up alongside my family.  They’ve thrown me wedding showers, baby showers and surprise birthday parties.  It’s really nice to feel appreciated.”- Patrick Mason, Tennis (23 years of service)

“I enjoy working here because I know what the members want and expect, like a mindreader.” – Kenrick Chambers, Food & Beverage Service (11 years of service)