January/February Club Times

Happy New Year!  Whether or not you’re a fan of New Year’s resolutions, trying something NEW should always be on your “To Do” list. This year, we’re encouraging our members to get out of their comfort zone and explore new activities and events! Click here to read our January/February newsletter.

Everyone Dancin’ Merrily

This year’s party had us Rockin’ around the Christmas tree!

Every year our Food & Beverage Team sets out to outdo the previous year’s Member Holiday Party- because after all, in all senses, it is THE party of the year. And to no surprise, they did not disappoint.

This year’s party started out with a cocktail hour with passed hors d’oeuvres…from a Live Table and glasses of champagne…from a Champagne Girl. Not familiar with what that is or means, check it out for yourself! Truly a sight!








Following cocktail hour, our members enjoyed a plated dinner featuring a Grilled Prime Filet Mignon, Black Truffle Cabernet Demi Glace, Butter Poached Jumbo Maine Lobster Tail, Roasted Winter Vegetables and Trio of Potatoes. 

Later, they headed back inside the tent, enjoyed some sweet treats from the Dessert Stations, then hit the dance floor where they danced the night away to Blue Tips Rhythm Revue!








‘Twas truly a night to remember! Happy Holidays from Wexford!

Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town

Christmas spirit is in full swing around the Club!

We kicked off the holiday season Saturday, December 2, with our 6th annual Holiday Boat Parade throughout the harbour.  This year’s light show on the water was not to be missed! Not only did we have six Wexford boats participate, but also a visiting boat from our neighbors at Harbour Town Yacht Club. The decoration themes ranged from classic red & white to Santa’s Packaging Express to the Grinch’s Whoville. Our evening was full of merry and bright, for sure!









Then on Sunday, we had our annual holiday favorite for kids, Gingerbread Decorating and Santa Brunch!  Over 30 children participated in the gingerbread house decorating.  Then, following the gingerbread houses, we had a special visit from the man himself, SANTA! 















Stay tuned next week for our Member Holiday Party recap!


Holiday Gift Guide for Boaters

Wondering what to get the boater in your life this holiday season? Here’s a list of top picks from Wexford Dockmaster, Warren Holland.

Docktail Butler Family Food & Beverage Caddy 
The Docktail Butler Family Food and Beverage Caddy is a must-have for whatever type of day you’re planning on your boat – whether you’re spending the day at the sandbar, cruising around the sound or just sitting on your boat while docked in the harbor. The Docktail Butler Family Food and Beverage Caddy’s cup holders can hold two liters, your favorite tumblers, red solo cups or even your yeti rambler without a problem. It also has a large flat area for hors d’oeuvres, lunch or dinner, prep for the grill, or just cutting lemons and limes. This caddy also has two areas on each side that can hold your phones, wallets, trash bags and anything else you would need for an afternoon of entertaining on the water.  Docktail boat tables are compatible for all rod holders and have a locking bar underneath. 

Yeti Panga 50 Dry Duffle 
Yeti’s done it once again!  I have always had a battle finding a good waterproof bag for the boat that doesn’t leak around the seams or the zipper…until the Yeti Panga 50 Dry Duffle.  It is almost too good to believe until I saw it with my own eyes. Any sailor, cruiser or fisher can agree that a water tight dry duffle is a must-have.  For all you offshore boaters, this dry duffle is the perfect ditch bag. The Yeti 50 Dry Duffle has multiple different strap set ups and wide cushioned straps that make it easy to get from the house or car to the boat. Durable thick skin nylon shell on the Yeti Panga gives it a long lasting lifetime.

Siren Marine Monitoring Tracking and Control (MTC) Device
Siren Marine has set the standard for boat security and monitoring for years and this year is no different. Their new MTC device has every base covered to make sure you can be at ease while being away. The device has an eternal antenna for cellular and GPS connectivity.  With the entire accessory package you can do everything but drive it off the dock. Choose from monthly, seasonal or annual plans to put everything from checking your bilge levels, monitoring your shore power and battery levels, motion and pressure sensors and even turning on and off the A/C units all on your favorite device.

Garmin Quantix 5
If you have Garmin devices on your boat then you need to have the Garmin Quantix 5 on your wrist. This next generation smart watch caters to your every need from sailing to motor boating. It is compatible with all Garmin devices to stream speed, depth and wind. Onboard and connected and not at the helm, you still control where you are going with its autopilot feature that also allows you to add and course waypoints.  Even when you’re not on the boat the Quantix 5 can improve your lifestyle with fitness tracking. Download the Garmin app to your phone and receive and send text, check your calendar, and check emails.  The list of this watch’s capabilities goes on and on!  I recommend checking out the details for yourself.

Sixth Annual Foundation Charity Gala & Auction

Terre Blair Hamlisch was the special guest at Wexford’s Sixth Annual Charity Gala and Auction on November 4, 2017. The theme of the Gala was “One Singular Sensation” which was the popular song from the show “Chorus Line” written by Terre Blair’s late husband and world renowned composer Marvin Hamlisch. Well-known local radio personality Monty Jett was the auctioneer. Together with young musical performers Eden and Haniel Mastriani-Levy and the Bluffton School of Dance, who performed “One Singular Sensation,” the evening was a spectacular fundraiser, raising over $100,000 for local charities. Since its inception in 2012 the Wexford Charitable Foundation has donated well over $500,000 to 26 well deserving local charities. 

Pictured: Terri Blair Hamlisch with Bluffton School of Dance performers

Check out a sneak peek of their performance:W

Wexford Wildlife Wednesday- Manatees

As noted in our September Club Times, wildlife is very much a part of living in the Lowcountry. Over the last few months, we’ve witnessed an abundance of wildlife, from the depths of the waters to high in the skies.

While dolphins are typically the most commonly found mammal in our nearby waters, manatees have also been known to make an appearance, especially in the shallow waters near our docks.  Earlier this summer, our Dockmaster, Warren Holland, captured rare footage of a manatee feeding off our docks. Check it out!

Other recent wildlife sightings have been red drum, alligators, deer, bald eagles and more!

If you’d like to learn more about our local wildlife, come on down to the Harbour Center.  Warren can help you find and identify a number of different animals!

Security Then & Now

In recognition of #WaybackWednesday, we’re taking a look at how much our Front Gate has evolved since 1983.  

When Wexford first opened its doors, the Security complex at the entrance/exit merely consisted of one building…and our Officers’ wore formal jackets and pith helmets. 

A lot has changed since then!! Now our Officers enjoy light green collar shirts with black pants (and no helmet!). If you’ve come through our gates over the last couple months, you’ve likely seen or experienced construction at or near our Front Gate; we are pleased to report that our Front Gate Enhancement project is now complete! The scope of the project included enclosing our Guardhouse (so our officers are not exposed to the extreme heat, cold and bugs), adding a contractor pull-off lane and an enhanced member-only lane to expedite service at the Front Gate, adding a security parking lot and replacing broken curbing and asphalt along Wexford Drive. We hope you’ll take notice of the changes the next time you come through the gate!

Thanks to all for your patience as we completed our recent Front Gate Enhancement project.

October Newsletter

Check out our latest October Club Times Newsletter!

Ever wonder where “Wexford” got its name? Or who’s responsible for creating the watery ribbon that is our inland harbour? Wexford is so rich in history from our lock system to our governance. In this issue, you’ll learn about the development and construction of our beautiful community, historical fun facts from every amenity and get a glimpse of the “old days” from some longtime property owners – plus there is a complete report on last month’s Hurricane Irma from Susan Fishel, GM/COO.

Happy #NationalYogaMonth

There are so many health benefits associated with practicing yoga – it increases your blood flow, improves your posture, builds muscle strength and so much more! So today, in honor of National Yoga Month, we’re bringing you a yoga pose from our resident yogi, Wendy Methvin. *Wendy offers yoga instruction every Wednesday morning at the Wexford Clubhouse from 8:45-9:45 pm.This is Side Plank I (Vasisthasana). It’s considered an arm balance pose. Arm balances shape and tone our shoulders and core. You don’t need to be a gymnast or have superhero strength to do arm balances, you just need patience. They teach us to cultivate focus and trust. They’re the perfect blend of strength and alignment.
Alice: “This is impossible.”
The Mad Hatter: “Only if you believe it is.”
-Alice in Wonderland