Wexford’s “Great Gate” featured in Hilton Head Monthly magazine

Wexford’s Harbour is not only one of the “Great Gates” in Hilton Head – but also along the East Coast.


Pick up a copy of the latest Hilton Head Monthly magazine to learn about the history and benefits of a lock system.

The article provides insights from Wexford Harbourmaster, Mark Dryden, while showcasing one of Wexford’s most unique amenities.

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HH Monthly article 7.2015

Harbourmaster Help – How Do I Buy a Boat?

mark dryden

Mark Dryden, Harbourmaster

There’s recently been an increased interest in boating.
A few people who have never owned a boat are contemplating it, and some are thinking it may be time to get one again. (i.e. it’s been long enough that they only remember the good times.)

The very first thing to do is visit other people with boats; the one thing you can almost always count on is, that if you ask a question about someone’s boat, they will answer you in great detail. If you ask to go out on the boat, you will almost always be invited.  Particularly if you say you are thinking of buying something similar. (Everyone thinks they have the perfect boat!) Okay- you are now on the boat, what are you looking at? Look at the equipment, electronics, entertainment, lines, life jackets, fire extinguishers, etc. All this stuff can be aboard your new boat and it all costs extra, so decide what you need, what you would like and what you dream about.  Also, look at the equipment the owner of the boat actually uses.

Hold on, I’m getting ahead of myself, first question, what do you want to use the boat for?

Fishing, water sports, slowly drifting along while admiring the sunset/rise, do you want get to places or are you more interested in the journey? Do you like loud music, lots of technology or are you more of a Luddite? Do you want lots of company or none? The choices are endless. Think carefully here as this is a very important part of the buying decision and will dictate, size, cruising range, level of sophistication, deck layout, cabin layout, size of engines, level of amenities, “what – you can’t live without an icemaker!”  There are a lot of these types of questions; however once you have answered them, the buying process is a lot less confusing.

So you have the above under control, what’s next? Start looking at boats for sale online, or get a recommendation for a broker or a dealer. (These two areas will give you an idea of the price point for your boat.) If you are buying a previously loved boat, never look online by manufacturer, always look at price point and then at the equipment you want on board. Limit the search as you settle on the types of boats you think will suit your purposes. Then look at the owner forums for your boat. These will give you an idea of what trouble spots to look for when you get aboard, and in the case of a new vessel- what to expect as the boat ages. If possible, try to look at one vessel that is at the top of your price point. This gives you something to compare when searching for your boat.

Next, let’s talk about first impressions. Take note of the boat exterior. If searching online, examine the photos, if the exterior/interior is shabby or untidy in pictures, the rest of the boat will match. (Poor maintenance means more cost to you when you have to put things right.) The rest of this is just like buying a car – except for one thing if buying used; always have a marine surveyor look at the boat you settle on. Why? Because he will see things you will not, I know because it happened to me. The $600-800 expense is well worth it. Next very important rule – if you are buying an older boat, always have it hauled to inspect the hull and underwater gear. It may be pretty on top but he could have hit a rock or some other, below the water line obstacle. This will eliminate surprises; no one likes surprises when it comes to second hand boats.

So now you have the basics of how to buy a boat. If buying a previously loved boat, it also helps to have a good broker working with you. They take care of the paperwork side of things so nothing gets missed. (It is embarrassing when an officer of the bank turns up to seize the boat because it hasn’t been paid off.) They also help to pave the way with the previous owner and act as a buffer during the delicate dance of bargaining the final price.

The above points are really very basic. If you want more information, there are many detailed procedures online that you can make use of. My best advice though is look at the owner forums of boats you may be interested in. They have an abundance of expensive experience you can use free of charge. Finally you can use me as a resource; I can be a good listener.

Have a question for Mark? Email harbourmaster@wexfordplantation.com.

boat show 1

The Wexford Women’s Golf Association Teams up with The First Tee of The Lowcountry

The First TeeOn Tuesday, April 28th, the Wexford Women’s Golf Association (WWGA) hosted a golf outing for 16 elementary students participating in The First Tee of The Lowcountry.  The afterschool outing included golf instruction by the Wexford Golf Staff, followed by on-course play facilitated by the ladies of the WWGA.

The WWGA initially got involved with The First Tee of The Lowcountry last year when they were selected as the WWGA’s annual holiday charity partner.  Having been aware of neighbor and Executive Director of The First Tee of The Lowcountry, Mike Davis’, efforts and knowing the program’s core values, the WWGA felt it was a wonderful partnership.  The WWGA’s annual holiday tournament raised $2,820, which was donated to The First Tee of The Lowcountry.  The donated funds were dedicated to the purpose of helping students get out on the course, to assist with any greens and cart fees at participating clubs.

In the future, the WWGA plans to look for other opportunities to help make a difference and get involved. Click here to learn more about The First Tee of The Lowcountry.

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Cleaner & Greener

Little efforts that make a big difference

We take great pride in the pristine condition of Wexford Plantation.  Maintaining this level of condition requires a significant effort.  Wexford Staff has taken the initiative to keep our community clean and grow with “green” operations in mind.  With our Cleaner & Greener Initiative, we aim to incorporate a simple, sensible approach to environmental responsibility in areas such as facility, supplies and business practices.  This initiative started with the Staff and has continued with the support of the membership.

For those who aren’t aware of our efforts, continue reading – and see how you can join us in keeping our community cleaner and greener!

o   Reduction of waste materials:
– Transition to electronic Member Statements
– Transition to electronic Club Times
– Transition to electronic Board Packets & member handouts
– Converted computer printer settings to print double-sided
– Recycle tennis balls by re-pumping them
– Recycle cooking oil

o   Energy conservation:
– Motion censored lights in the Clubhouse offices, kitchen, bathroom, Golf Shop

o   Implemented a recycling program within our facilities

o   Support of the local Experience Green initiatives

How can you help?

o   Recycle in your household

o   Help pick up any food wrappers, drink containers or any other trash materials on/near Wexford facilities and streets




Wexford Launches Wellness Program

When you live in Hilton Head, why go to a gym when you can work out in a natural setting with an amazing backdrop almost year-round – and did we mention with the support of your friends & neighbors?

In recent years, activities offered by the Club (besides golf and tennis of course!) have included weekly water aerobics and sunrise salutation yoga, along with the occasional kayaking excursion – BUT this year, we’re kicking it up a notch!  In addition to those regular offerings, we are introducing our NEW Wexford Wellness Group.


Wexford Wellness’ mission is to promote health through exercise, education and nutrition. Throughout the year we’ll explore different activities designed to promote health – from bike excursions to beach walks to healthy cooking demonstrations to guest speakers and more!  The goal of this group is to create a positive, supportive atmosphere, while offering a variety of activities and educational programs.

One of the key factors of success of this group is that it’s not only a Club-driven initiative, but also a Member-driven effort.  With a core group already interested and established, the possibilities are endless!

The inaugural meeting and luncheon will be held Friday, February 27th – contact Sarah Smith at (843) 686-8810 to learn more and sign up today.  We look forward to launching this wonderful new Wexford movement!

Wexford OneEleven – The Newest Wednesday Evening HOT SPOT


One of the Clubhouse’s New Year’s resolutions included a shakeup of Wednesday evenings…And that’s exactly what we did!  Earlier this year we introduced a more casual menu exclusively offered on Wednesdays.  The menu features a variety of choices including: Grilled or Buffalo-Style Cobb Salads*, Wexford’s soon-to-be famous Smoked Salmon Salad, our classic Caesar Salad with your choice of toppings such as Grilled Chicken, Grilled or Fried Shrimp, Grilled Beef and Chicken Tenders, Wexford’s Classic Burger*, Fried or Grilled Chicken Sandwich*, Chicken Wings and Tenders, Beer-Battered Fish*, Shrimp* and Oysters*, Raw Bar items such as Cocktail Shrimp, Oysters and Lobster Cocktail, plus a few special features! *Indicates items also available as a Wrap.
Click here to view tonight’s menu!

The name of the evening, Wexford OneEleven {WOE}, originated from the menu’s general price point {$11 for many offerings} and the Clubhouse’s address {111}.  Seatings are from 5:00 – 7:15 pm. Food orders are accepted through 7:30 pm.

WOE|Whoa! Tonight’s drink special: BOGO {Buy One, Get One} Free on glasses of wine from our Wine List!

This is a night not to be missed – just ask your neighbors! 

Wexford Plantation Receives Golf Course and Tennis Facility Accolades

We are proud to announce that Wexford Plantation made a huge jump on Golfweek’s Golfweek Best Residential Courses LogoResidential Top 100 list for 2015, leaping 28 spots (from 2014) to #66 Best Residential Course in America.  The announcement will be featured in Golfweek’s annual “The Ultimate Guide to Golf Course Living & Great Escapes” this November.

We are also honored and pleased to report that the Wexford Plantation has been selected to receive one of twelve 2014 USTA Outstanding Tennis Facility Awards. The United States Tennis Association’s Outstanding Facility Award Program was established to stimulate high standards in tennis facilities and to recognize those facilities whose efforts make such a positive statement about the vitality of the game. Wexford Plantation is active in all USTA events, including Spring USTA Season, Combo Mixed Doubles, Combo Men’s and Ladies’ Doubles, Junior Team Tennis, Flex Leagues and USTA sanctioned tournaments.