Remembering a Legend, Arnold Palmer

On October 20, 2011, in conjunction with Arnold Palmer’s return to the island for the grand opening of Wexford’s Arnold Palmer Signature Course, Hilton Head Island Mayor Drew Laughlin proclaimed the day to be “Arnold Palmer Day.”

According to Mayor Laughlin, “Our town and community are committed to excellence in all that we do…and nothing exemplifies this better than Arnold Palmer and Wexford’s new golf course.

That day was incredibly special to all here at Wexford, as we greeted Palmer and welcomed him into our community. As we look back at his life, we cherish the time he spent here, and will cherish those memories for forever.

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Island Packet Accolades

And the winner goes to…

IPWe are proud to announce that Wexford Plantation was recognized in the 2016 Island Packet Readers’ Choice Awards for:

– Best Tennis Club
– Best Racquet Club
– Best Tennis Pro, Patrick Mason

(who’s been with us for over 20 years!)

Best Golf Holes_2016The Island Packet received over 6,000 votes for “The Best 18 Golf Holes on Hilton Head Island.” We are excited to announce that No. 9. 15, 17 & 18 were voted into the top rankings.

Thank you to all who voted in the recent Island Packet surveys!

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Pro’s Tip- Stop Hitting Yourself


Head Golf Professional, Casey Jones

Ever pay attention to how much you use your wrist while chipping?  One of the most common flaws in chipping, putting and even full swing is the overuse of your wrist in the impact zone.

Test yourself: take an alignment stick from the driving range and stick it into the butt end of a sand wedge, allowing about two feet of the stick to hang out. Now, starting with the stick against your left side, take a few small swings. If the stick hits you in the left side during the follow-through, your wrist is being too active (a flaw that is very common and leads to short-game misery). Make sure the left wrist remains rigid as the clubface passes through the impact zone. Practicing this drill will force you to keep your hands/upper body moving through the impact zone and produce better contact and consistency.